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                                     Vignettes on Landscape Appreciation:

                                                                                                    (by Jorge D. Goldfarb)

                                              - Introducing Vignettes
                                              - Vignettes of Connoisseurship 

                                              - Vignettes of Values and Valuation

                                              - Vignettes of Contemplation 

                                              - Vignettes of Recognition



                                    - A Psychological Perspective on Place ( by David Russell)


                                    - Seeing as Landscape: a Wittgensteinian approach  (by Jorge Goldfarb)


                                   - On Places and Landscapes (by Jorge Goldfarb) (External link

                                   - The Virtual: Landscape Representation and Appreciation, ( by Jorge Goldfarb)

                                   -  Invisible Landscapes (by Glen Ryan) 

                                   -  Landscape Criticism and Literary Criticism ( by Jorge Goldfarb) (External link)  

                                   -  Myths and Landscapes of Catalonia (by Francesc Roma) 

                                   -  The Role of Imagery on Popular Landscape Tourism (by Jorge Goldfarb) 

                                   -   On Landscape Genres (by Jorge Goldfarb) (External Link

                                   -    Landscape as Theater (by Jorge Goldfarb) 

                                   -    From Reader Response Criticism to Landscape Criticism (by Jorge Goldfarb) (Ext. Link)




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